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Ivory Buff Water Resistent Inkjet Labels


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I do know where to get the water resistant labels and just Ivory Buff labels, but I cannot find them together -- both water resistent and in Ivory Buff. Do most of you use the water resistant labels. This will be for candles. Do you know where I can find them? I have been searching the web this evening with no luck so far. Thanks. :)

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OK, why would you need a water resistant label for candles?

Was this a stupid question? :o lol I know that it is not critical like it is with bath and body products, but there are times when water can get on the outside of a candle -- candle in the bathroom around the tub, near the sink, etc. Maybe it would take more water than dripping or splashing to ruin a regular label as long as the printer ink used is water resistant. I know that others on here have discussed this a while ago and preferred the water resistent labels even for their candles just in case. I remember a while ago a little water got on the bottom of one of my candles (can't remember how) and it bled and the paper part got messed up too. A lot of store candle labels appear more water resistant than the basic labels we use for warning labels, etc. However, after I noticed my candle ink bleeding on the bottom when it got wet, I went out and bought an inkjet printer that is supposed to print with a water resistant ink. So, maybe this is good enough and I don't need to worry about it. Your question to me reassures me. :)

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