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Wanna try a coffee bean candle...


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I'm wanting to experiment with something new, so I chose a coffee bean candle. I bought the wax beans, but I'm not sure how you do this. If you put the beans in the bottom of the mold, when you take it out of the mold, they'll be at the top. (since candles are upside down in the molds) So, how do y'all make coffee bean candles? I did a search on the forum for "coffee beans", but didn't really see how to do it.

Thanks for any info. :)

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Would think you could make a chunk pillar. Then you could place your wax coffee beans where you want them in the chunks. Or you could pour your pillar in layers and put the wax coffee beans in the layer you want. Understand I have not made a coffee bean pillar. I just got my coffee bean mold and have been playing with containers. I don't know what you paid for your wax coffee beans but I can tell you those little suckers are a pain to make. Good Luck

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