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Yeah, tarts are actually a great place to start. I just bought a whole bunch of little separate tart molds from Bittercreek North(about a dozen), heat my wax to the desired temp, add my dye, add my FO, stir, stir, stir, and pour the wax into a Pyrex measuring cup. I put my molds on a cookie sheet that I don't care about, hold a paper towel under the spout of the measuring glass, and pour my tarts! I wait for them to completely cool and harden, and tip them over...out come the tarts! If they are hard to get out of the molds, pop them in the freezer for about 10 minutes...this makes them come right out.

There are many people on here who sell tarts and wax melts exclusively...they are easy to make, and with the right fragrances, can scent a whole room!

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One more thing to consider is how long the fragrance lasts. I like my tarts to last 12-15 hours minimum! I've tried some scents that started out super strong...but faded in 5-6 hours :( Just make sure you're using good FOs!

Good luck, and be careful....they're addicting :)


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I started by making tarts. It helps you to get down the basics.... which seem simple, but is important. Then I moved on to wickless candles (which I LOVE). They hold the fragrance very well.... and will make perfect gifts for my family who refuse to burn candles for fear of forgetting to put them out!!

Tarts are simple, but you do want to test them too. Make sure that the fragrance you use has a good hot throw, and lasts for a good amount of time. My house smells wonderful all the time because I am a tart and wickless making fool....and I test, test, test.

Also, depending what wax you use, you will have to learn the "issues" that it has. :shocked2: Can make you want to pull out your hair!!!!

Have fun!

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To test tarts, I do a couple things. First, melt one down all the way in your tart warmer. Walk out of the room/house and grab a few deep sniffs of fresh air. Now I walk back into the room and note how far away from the tart warmer I was when I first caught a whiff of the scent. Ten feet away, twelve feet away, six feet away, etc.

Then I check, as someone else suggested, how long the tart stinks. Did it throw well for 20 hours? Sixty hours? Etc.

Happy tartmaking!

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Yes, $3. I posted a survey here and took an "average" cost for them to help me decide on fair pricing. LOL

Thanks for the website compliment. The clamshells can be found at many suppliers; I am ordering some directly from Impact, the manufacturer. I think I saw them available at Kangaroo Blue if you want smaller quantities though. If you do a search on "clamshells" here, you'll find a thread or two that lists suppliers for smaller quantities of clamshells. :)

Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of not doing much of anything in a "small" and reasonable way. :laugh2:

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I've had tarts last anything up to 40 hours for a 1oz tart,& fragrance the whole donstairs of my house, probably would have gone on for longer but I wanted a change, using Ecosoya pb & fo's said to be not great quality, so I'm hoping to try out some "better" oils soon.

I recently got some rubber ice cube moulds shaped like hearts, stars, shells, fishes & penguins, great for 1/2oz mini tarts.

Like everyone says they are loads of fun to make & a good way to try out a new f.o.

Have fun with your tarts.


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