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Lavender, Cucumber & Sage


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Oh I think this is going to be a hit with those who like soft scents. Soaped beautifully. Absolutely no acceleration. No discoloration. Great spa type of scent IMHO.

Solas' LC&S doesn't appear to be overpowering at all in any of those scents. I'm definitely surprised by this scent.

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Well of course lol. I'm working through several of the scents. I LOVE the guavaberry. Really do like the LCS (and wasn't expecting myself too) and there are others lol. Still hashing out the orange clove (waiting on the soap to be cutable.) There are many others though. Gimme time to get through them.

Actually E, what I've tried I've not been disappointed with at all.

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I'd add honeysuckle and I think the Pink Sugar is as good as any out there. The Frosted Snowdrops (yum!). Winter is a great spearminty blend. Orange clove I'm really liking (but have only put into soap); kojiki is a wonderful fresh blend, but I can't be around it much (just like hayrack ride kicks up nasty sneezing fits). Let's see, oh really like the sandalwood rose (especially in soap) since it does not discolor. There are others I just have not gotten to yet.

Yeah this is Scented LMAO! I'm personality challenged right now :P

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