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Testing B&B products


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I just started making scrubs recently and was wondering what kind of testing would be involved before you start selling them. I haven't perfected anything just yet and I'm not ready to sell yet either, but I would like to sell them someday. I usually work with candles and know what goes into testing them - just not sure about the b&b products. Like once the recipe is perfected and I think it works good what would I be looking for after that?:confused:

Thanks for any help.


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It's according to the product...

If it's lotion I look for...

how thick is it,

does it go on smooth,

does it absorb easily,

after applied is it greasy. sticky or slimy,

does the moisture last a long time,

how does it make your skin feel,

how well does it help with dry skin,

the scent- how strong is it, how does it smell & how long does the scent last, on the skin.

This is just an idea each type of product will be different.

HTH - Candle Man

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