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What seems to have the most interest in my neck of the woods is:

Midsummer Night (The guys REALLY seem to like this one)

Oceans or Ocean Water (I prefer the Ocean Water, males prefer either one)

MacIntosh Apple (females/males both like this one)

Nantucket Briar (females like this one more than the guys)

Sunwashed Linen (females like this one more than the guys)

Fresh Comfort (females like this one more than the guys)

Twigs and Berries (females/males both like this one)

And I just got a new one from KY Candle Wax Supply:

Moonlight Magic

This one is a Bath and Body Works Dupe, and no...it's not a mistake, it's not Moonlight Path...it smells nothing at all like it, but it's very, very nice. The females, once again, seem to like this one better than the males.

These are just a few, I make a whole lot more, but these seem to be the most popular around here and find females seem to care more about their cars smelling nice then the guys do.

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That's a really good point about most females wanting nice smelling cares than males. At least until you get to the guys that spend small fortunes on their cars to make the look nice, then sometimes they start caring about how the smell a little bit more.

I think almost all of my sales have been to women.

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