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!! Toasted Marshmallow !!


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Thank you for your replies. :wink2:

I don't even like marshmallows, except the toasted coconut variety.

Maybe I'll find one and toss some coconut into the mix for kicks. If these silly girls I work with didn't spend money like water, I would have dismissed this scent entirely.

I saw some on TCS- they have a few oils I want to try.

Spicey Apple & Peaches, along with This Old House. I am predicting some major damage to my CC already. I should NOT visit supplier sites when I am in this mood. LMAO!!

I better leave it alone.... for now. :tiptoe: :tiptoe:

Alabaster? Never used any of their oils.

I got about 20 freebies from a conference, I threw them in boxes for people that buy from me in the classies. They just seemed a bit weak to me, OOB of course. It's sometimes hard to find true and strong oils, unfortunately.

"Eco Posh" !~! I think that your logo is so damn cute, very trendy.

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