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Lotion Bar & Beeswax


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I attempted my first basic recipe today, just equal parts beeswax, shea butter, and sunflower oil. It was way too greasy IMO, but I noticed when I went back to clean up that the measuring cup I had used was coated with wax - I had thought I had it throughly mixed. Is there a trick to incorporating the beeswax better?


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Did you combine in the same cup you melted the beeswax in? If yes are you sure it's beeswax that's there and not the lotion bar mixture?

If yes, here's my advice:

When heating beeswax, I put a portion of the sunflower oil in the measuring cup and then add the beeswax on top of it. Heat to melt and mix well. Add in your other stuff and heat a bit more cause you will have to re-melt the beeswax as well as the shea. Make sure it is completely and uniformly mixed.

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Hmm... I melted the beeswax and shea together, then poured that into the sunflower... Do you still have what seems ( to me it did) alot of wax left in your cup after you poured?

Oic what you mean - now I'm not sure if it was beeswax or all the ingredients lol, guess I will try again and see if its as greasy. Thanks. :)

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