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How do you make a lipstick?


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I would really like for my lipbalm to color my lips like lipstick. I use a lipstick coloring from MMS, but it only provides a coloring for the lip balm and is clear when applied to the lips - does anyone know how to make it actually apply color?


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The only mention I found in the link on her blog was opacity vs sheer (Using titanium dioxide gives your lipstick more opacity rather than using just colorant/mica which will be sheer on the lips). I did notice one of the recipes on the blog mentioned above used castor as their first ingredient. I'll have to find the links to the reading I was doing about castor. I had never heard about the lanolin.

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I have a lipstick/eyeliner making PDF on my computer. No clue which site it came from, but it recommends:

For a dark solid pencil: 20% pigment

For pearl lipstick: 15% pearl mica & 5% pigment

For sheer lipstick: 20% mica

For cream matte: 5% pigment, 1% tapioca powder, 1% titanium dioxide

And there's also a lipstick base recipe. It has 43% castor oil. I think you have to have a combo of the right oils + the right colorant to get a lipstick that stays.

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