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Wax For Tarts

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Hi to all! I'm new here and this is my first post so hope I've done it right :) I'm looking for advice on what wax I should use for tarts? Paraffin or soy? I'm leaning more towards soy but which blend? Also, does anyone know of a good wax supplier in Minnesota or Wisconsin? I do know about Bitter Creek so am considering them for a possibility...anybody else? TIA...Christy

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Hi Christy, welcome.

Whichever wax you use for your tarts a pillar wax will work better than a container wax. It sets up harder & is much easier to get out of the mould.

Can't help you with a supplier tho' as I'm in Scotland.


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Thanks so much for the help! I've been thinking of trying Ecosoya PB and checked Bitter Creeks website but they're OS right now. Hopefully they'll have it back in stock soon. I'm pretty sure I'll have to test a few different kinds of wax before I know which one I like (can you tell I've been reading the archives?!). I've done some b&b but this is a new venture for me as far as the tarts go. Figure I'll start with that and work my way into candles, hopefully, someday :)

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