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Rust & tins

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I was at a craft fair recently and noticed someone selling 100% tin soy candles...all of the tins had rust on them and were very unattractive. First I was surprised they were selling them as it turned me off right away but my question is what are the possible causes for this? I did a search but seemed to come up with rust and tin molds and how to use pam or wd-40 but didn't know if this is the same for tin containers. I'm thinking about using tins for 100% soy but wanted to know first what tin issues I could experience & how to avoid rust on the container. TIA!!

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I've noticed rust on wick sustainers in my votives, especially with vanilla fo's, which discolours the wax around the sustainer a little, but I haven't seen it in my tins at all & some of them are several months old. It seems to me that heavier f.o's & e.o's have this effect on the sustainers but it's not noticable until a few weeks after production.

I have no idea if anything can be done to prevent this but I explain to my customers that it's an effect of the f.o in the wax & doesn't affect the burning at all.


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