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Can't seem to find the throw newCBA


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I've tested a couple of scents in the new and improved CB Advanced. So far, I have poor scent throw.:cry2: Has any one else had the chance to do a good eval of this wax.


The new CBA is a poor thrower


It must need a verrry long cure time

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Others say the same thing so you aren't alone. You'll see a post right below this one. I use it because I like the looks of it and how it burns. I have about a 1/2 dozen containers - even made of the old version - that I've had for a couple months (early summer) - and they are at least as strong as any candle I've come across. These were are all done with WYW FOs. Regular soys have a better hot throw IMO, but then you deal with the frost (again, a post about that below). Unfortunately most don't have the luxury of time, so what one chooses seems to be a compromise.

EL Mellenium blend is supposed to be another no-frost soy, but I haven't gotten any yet and I haven't come across anyone posting about it.

Sorry, can't be of any more help.

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