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I just received received some FO from Cas. And they smell yum OOB.

I got frosted snowdrop, kojiki & guavaberry. Tomorrow they're going in tarts. I can't wait. :yay: Will update you

Also the service was great, 4 days priority flat rate from MN to Hawaii awesome.

Thanks Cas.

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Whoooo hoooo!! I've always been sooooooo pleased with Solas' service. Quick, fast and great.

Love the FOs I've had from there! Heck it was his cinnamon and winter that saved my cinnamon forest and made that smell gooooood.

Looking forward to definitely doing more business with Solas.

We've used his sandalwood rose in soap. Soaps great! I love a supplier whose stuff is good in multiple products (candles, B&B and soap). Am definitely looking forward to putting more into soap.

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I know that I will be ordering more scents from Solas as so far, they are wonderful!!! I had never used their products before and am pleased with what I am smelling thus far!!

I have made some M&P soaps with the Happy Heart and we really like that scent!!

I made a few container candles with the Catalpa and OMGosh, my whole house smells wonderful from just from melting a large tart!!! I have 13 rooms in my house and I only put the tart in 3 rooms and you can smell it everywhere!!! Im soooooooooo impressed!!!

I have a few other scents that I am going to try in HP and CP soaps and will post my results after I do!!

If you havent tried any of their FO's yet, do so!! Get some samples and play!!!

God Bless,


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My all time favorite scent is their Lavender Harvest.

I was buying every lavender I could get my hands on in my search to find THE PERFECT lavender FO.

When this one arrived I almost died from glee because on the label was the supplier's phone number in my home town!

Well, I soon learned that they had recently moved but they still have a devoted customer- I'd order it if I had to ship it from Timbuktu;)

In soy, it throws like crazy just sitting on my desk at work and you can smell it outside when I burned it on my enclosed front porch.

I just received a sample pkg and OOB am really digging the brooklyn biscotti, the elderberry and I'm planning to get some Patchouli Gold in wax tonight.

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