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474 soy wax question.

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Well, I started testing this wax out and love it so far. The first batch of votives came out beautiful. Minimal frosting on the sides, no cracks at all, and smooth creamy tops, absolutely wonderful!

Oh and we used JS Candied Blueberries scent which throws great cold, and Z-44-24-18 wicking with blue liquid dye. Heated wax to 160, poured at 125.

Anyway, I waited 24 hours, maybe a little longer and decided to test one out. Had a great hot throw, good melt pool, wick lit and burned nicely. After about 30-45 minutes, the whole middle of the candle had melted straight to the bottom and I don't understand why. The only theories I have at this point are that either the zinc core wick got too hot throughout the votive and turned the center of the candle liquid, or I didn't give the candle enough time to cure.

If anyone has had this problem before, could you let me know what to do? Even if you have a theory as to what went wrong I'd like to hear from you, thanks all!

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The only thing I can see right off is your pour temp. The recommended pour temp is 150-160*. It really sounds like a big sink hole in the middle of your votive. If you have any left from that pour, why don't you cut one into and see what the middle looks like. I don't think th size zinc you used would be too big. Sandi

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