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Problems with hot throw

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I've just starting making candles and the cold throws are great, but when I burn them, you just about have to stand right on top of them to smell them. I'm using 100% soy wax (don't know what brand), 100% cotton wicks and FO from several different companies, but they all turn out the same. Is it the wicks I'm using or the wax. Please help!!

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If you ask this question in the soy/veggy wax section, you'll get far more help.

We MUST know the brand of wax in order to help you, so look on the box or call the suppier and ask. We also need to know what temp you poured at, what size jar you are testing, F/O % PP and how long you cured them for?

Post these answers in the soy section of the boards and we'll be able to help you go through the process of working with soy wax.


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