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How should I combine this wax?

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I just placed an order for more wax (KY Parasoya this time) but right now I have 10+ lbs each of the following wax & I'm not sure how I should mix it or if I even should mix it for tarts:

Ecosoya votive

Astorlite V

Paraffin (from Hobby Lobby)

I don't like Ecosoya alone. I mixed it 50/50 with the Astorlite & it was ok but a little soft. Maybe try 75/25? The paraffin was bought on sale yesterday at Hobby Lobby & I got it 10 lbs for $2.00. I'm not sure it's the best wax but for that price I couldn't turn it down.

Any ideas? What would you do? I'm not really confident in my wax-mixing abilities so I need help!!!

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