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Embroidered Candles/Soaps

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I went to an SBDC lunch gathering for small businees owners and talked to a lady at my table and ask me about embroidering on candles for her son's wedding(she has an emBroidery business). I was a little confused. But she claimed she did this on SOAP. What? 4_6_213.gif Whe explained the process a little, but was not quite understanding the process and used a special mesh fabric. She's going to call me later about it. Anyone heard of doing this or have done this? Maybe a new product happening....


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Never heard of this before, please be sure to post any information that you get to share with the rest of us! I also do embroidery and could MAYBE see doing that on sheets of wax and then rolling it with a wick in the center?? You have my mind turning trying to figure out what she may be referring to!!

God Bless,


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I googled and found this.

Embroidering on Candles and on Soap

Hoop 2 layers of bridal tulle, sandwiched between 4 layers of laundry bag. Use 6 layers if you use solvy. Rather over stabilize, especially if it is an "open" kind of design. Embroider the design and trim the solvy and tulle very, very close to the stitching. Soak the embroidery in water, and let it dry. Apply KK2000 to the back of the embroidery, and to the candle, and stuck the embroidery on. Then dip the whole candle in melted paraffin wax. If your candle is large, you can try using decoupage, to apply the embroidery and finish the candle. You can also use a one inch artist brush, to apply the melted wax. Make sure to cover the entire design.

You can use this same method for embroidering on soap. In case you want to do embroidery on colored soap, or candles, you can use the same color tulle too.

If you do embroidery on soap, dip soap in wax on design side only. The wax preserves the design and will make it last as the bar shrinks. The soap will wash away from the other side and will look nice the whole time.

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