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So, So, SO new!

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I am so very new to all of this....but so excited to get started. I have just a couple questions I hope that I can get help with.

I am using ezsoy and I plan to make tarts first and then perhaps wickless candles to .....and then eventually move up to the wicked bad boys.

I would like to try blending a little paraffin with the ez....and I am looking at the 4627. Has anyone used this combo together? For whatever reason... I really want to try the 4627. And I was eyeballing the 4630 as well. I have read that the 4627 is really soft tho and I am thinking that may not be good for tarts? But would be great for containers.

Any advice would be helpful!!

Thanks in advance!!

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Have you made the tarts yet?

Why are you jumping right into blending...you brave, brave, soul?!

One thing I can caution you about EZ...it is often inconsistent in the mfg's batching. I gave up on it because just when I would get the wicking and such down pat, I'd get another batch and the wicking wouldn't work and I had to keep starting all over again. Pitiful. And what a p.i.t.a.! That was my experience, and a few others.

So, yeah, tarts and wickless are good. TL 25 and TL 28 on the tealights...though I use light colors and I think that the TL 25 worked best.

Make sure you pour at a low temp 110-115ish.

Heavy colors can frost like crazy.

Good Luck to you, and welcome to the board.

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Thank you for the welcome...and advice!

Oh..... I am not going to be blending right off the bat... I can only handle a little insanity at a time :shocked2: I am expecting this all to be a big mess at first! I will be doing my tarts later this week...hopefully.... or by early next week. I am going to keep it simple for a while.... just doing research and taking notes :)

I have read that you can add stearic acid to your tarts (a really small amount 1-3T pp) to make them a bit more firm? Have you (or anyone else) used this and how's the results?

Thank you!!

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4627 has the consistency of vaseline, so it is super soft and sticky. It has an amazing throw, but I've never tried blending it for tarts. I've only used it in containers. It might be too sticky to use for tarts unless you use a smaller amount of the 4627.

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Well, right off the bat I can see that you have a good sense of humor....this is good. You will need it.

I have not added anything to my tarts...I have customere who forbid it. They want the pure soy.

A lot of ppl do add a bit, I am sure that info is here somewhere. I'm pretty sure I've seen it.


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I think I will save the 4627 for when I have moved on up to trying containers...... sounds best for that.

As for tarts.... I think I will try them all naturel for a while to see how they do. It's nice to know that you (Fern-Marie and Candle Makin Momma) have had good results with strictly soy. Hopefully I will make the EzSoy work for me!!Thank you so much for your help!!

I will post after my 1st attempt... :yay:

Oh and yes..... how about FO%? I think I will try 1oz pp? I do like them super fragrant tho...

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May I call you pixi? :)

Welcome to the board! Hope your experimentation goes well, because sometimes it will make you tear your hair out (which is why I buzz cut my own head). Remember, learning occurs at the very edge of frustration.


Pixi is great!

....and I bet I will get super frustrated.... I can't wait! (Lets see what I say in another month :cheesy2: )....

AngelaVA.... do you blend the 4627? I like the idea of this soft wax....but I do love soy.... I may have to give it a whirl (in due time of coarse).

Thanks everyone for your help....And words of wisdom. I and can't wait to share my tart making experience....

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Hi Pixi,

Good idea to do the tarts without color. A lot of ppl here do that with soy because of the frosting problem.

9% is the maximum FO for that wax. That's 1 1/2 oz.

You'll do fine. Any problems, we are always here.

Don't let them get too warm after you've made them...they seep.

Keep the tarts out of the air conditioning, or you will be horrified and buzz your hair like Geek.

No fans blowing on them either. Nice, steady, even temped area, with air flow that is not drafty. OK? I like to leave them on the stove and shut the fan and A/C off in the kitchen before I pour.

Let us know how you do.

Good luck!


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We've all been where you're at, Pixi! It can be frustrating, and absolutely frazzling at times, but it's also very addicting! EZ-Soy will probably be fine for tarts. You will have to heat this wax to 175-180, add FO, and then wait for it to cool to the infamous "slushy stage" before pouring...usually right around 100 degrees. Give the soy slushy a good stir, pour the wax into a smaller container (such as a glass measuring cup)...this makes it so much less messy to pour with tarts, and pour into your molds (make sure you've sprayed your molds with a bit of silicone spray, then wipe out with a paper towel so that the tarts will release easily from the molds)...wait for them to cool and harden completely, tap the mold lightly on your counter, and voila!!! They should be great! I would experiment with EZ-Soy minus the stearic at first...you might be happy with them as is...don't add the Comfort Blend (4627) to your tart wax...this will make them too soft. As for when you're ready to move on to containers, you may want to start off with using EZ Soy & 4627 50/50...or some prefer a 70 (soy) to 30 (4627) ratio. I personally LOVE the 4627 wax...it's soft, and has absolutely WONDERFUL scent throw with most oils, cold and hot. But this is where the trickiness comes in...which containers to use...which wicks, etc. Wicking is one of the biggest challenges of candle-making. I would suggest starting off with a simple jar, such as an 8 oz. jelly jar, and purchasing a few wick sample packs to make tester candles.

Good luck, and have fun!

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Fern-Marie.... I never would have thought to turn the fans off before pouring! Thank you for that tid-bit. I am going to attempt some tarts tonight....so I will post my experience in the a.m. AND I will keep them away from the air conditioner... I love short hair....but I don't know about buzzing it like geek!

Wookie... thanks for the advice as well. I will most definately be trying the 4627 in the near future....once I feel I can brave the wick thing. I am worried a bit about all of that...but I look forward to the fun and challenge of it all.

Again....thanks for the great advice.... :)

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