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alternatives for White Tea and Ginger


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I wanted to put in, that I tried Green Clover and Aloe by Peaks, and I couldn't get it to throw in my soy. 1.5oz per pound. No hot throw which surprise me because Peaks NEVER fails my C-3. Now I could get it to throw some in a clamshell with votive wax mixed in but not straight C-3. But that doesn't mean it won't throw in your wax or that another supply of the same scent won't throw. But I love Peaks Green Clover and Aloe and I'll use in clamshells and M&P soap for me.

Peaks Hyacinths is KILLER AWESOME!


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White Tea from NG

then mix it with different stuff to create your own scents..I mixed it with Keystone's Lilac..and I have to say WOW..it is awsome..

gonna try jasmine and a few others as well.

I dont like green tea either..but if you are selling it is a matter of what the customer wants not what you like..trust me I hate pouring Patchouli and Sandalwood..but I get lots of orders for it so I have to.

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I have been selling too much of White Tea and Ginger! :grin2: Any ideas for similar scents? I've tried Green Tea but that didn't do too well. (using soy wax)

Give the people what they want! Sounds like you've hit a goldmine with your customers...if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! ;)

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You can always mix up some of your White Tea and Ginger with another fragrance oil. I personally love to mix it with White Peach. Both are from Scent Works.

I also have Green Tea from MMS and it is great mixed with Jasmine. The Jasmine is lightened up by the Green Tea, and the Green Tea is made a little heavier by the Jasmine. To me they were made for each other. :)


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