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which wick would you choose?

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I've been testing wicks for my tealights using C-3 (container soy) and plastic tealight cups. I'm down to two, LX8 or LX10. The 10 burns very nicely, good flame size, no mushrooming, lasts about 5 hours. The 8 burned with a little flame that I thought would go out but never did, no mushrooming, lasts about 6.5 hours. They both have about the same amount of residue. It would be nice to have a longer burning one, but if someone puts it somewhere without much airflow, I'm afraid it may not stay lit. Do you think that would happen? I didn't expect them to be so close.

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I have no experience with tealights, but from what you described, I would go with the LX 10.

I would be concerned about the small flame of your LX 8 because there's a possibility of it eventually dying. Are your tealights scented? If they are, the flame of the LX 8 might not be hot enough to throw the scent.

Hopefully someone with tealight experience will chime in....

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