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Those that do Fundraisers...


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Hi there,

I have been giving a 37.5% I know that sounds strange but it works out to a

even figure the kids sell a 12.5 oz. jar for $12.00 tax exempt and make $4.50 off each jar. They have all loved it

My groups who are not tax exempt make $3.82 per candle due to collecting sales tax.

I compared other candle fundraisers that our kids brought home from school and they were usually $1.00 per oz charge on paraffin candles. Which tunneled and the scent throw wasn't good.

When I get to the point I can order supplies in larger quantities than I can give a better discount.

Hope this helps!!!

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We treat it alot like wholesale since they are buying so many of just a few scents. We give 50% of the sales if they sort the orders. 40% if we sort the orders into the seller's boxes. We have thought about changing it.. but haven't yet. We did go up on our retail prices on the fundraisers.. hoping the increase will be enough to offset all our rising costs.

We due an insane amount of fundraisers and just kicked off our first fall fundraiser this week. We have three groups (all repeat sellers) selling right now. If they sell like they did last year our cut should be between 10-15K.. curious to see what gas prices are going to do to fundraisers.. I'll let you know.

Oddly enough gas prices are helping the store.. we just finished our strongest July on record... *shrug* ... how weird is that?



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I dont really go by a percentage. My main Jar for Fundraisers is the 9oz hex jar. The group sells them for $7 and they make $2.50 per candle. If they sell over 100 cases they get $2.75.

For smaller groups I do a 16oz jar that I can get very cheap locally. The group sells them for $10 and they get $4 for each candle.

I know there are other things the groups can sell that will yield them a better profit. However, my big selling point is I am local. I let the group pick the scents. I deliver the products.

Good luck! Fundraisers are a lot of hard work but so worth the efforts!

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