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Scented Cleaning Wipes


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I would like to make scented cleaning wipes for my home - not baby wipes - something with fragrance oil in them - something like Yank** line of kitchen cleaner wipes. Anyone have any recipes or suggestions? Would I have to use water-based fragrance and not oil-based?

Thanks for your help.

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Do you already have an idea of what you want to use as the cloth its self? I was going to ask you this and wait to see if you already had an idea so that it wouldn't seem like I was about to try to sell you something, lol... and you dont' have to get it from me... i'm sure SOMEBODY knows an Mk rep that can sell you some facial cloths (2.25 pk 25) I don't know if this is expensive or not... i'm guessing yes because they are after all meant for the face and not available wholesale- well- lol- at least not through MK. Someone on here may come up with a site with something like them even better for your use. These are quite thick and really really durable. A lot of the consultants don't even use them anymore as they prefer big fluffy luxurious wash cloths- they may not even know they exist, lol. But they do.

Seems like you could use a multitude of anti bacterial property products whether you wanted to go 'natural' or not with your idea. And then there is figuring out a dispenser/container. It seems very doable once you find the cloth it's self and a base liquid to deliver all them good cleaning things you are going to add:D Also- once you get the basics in hand.... I would think a preservative would be paramount since this product will probably always be in a damp/wet environment? Do I know of any or have any ideas about any of the rest of it? Lol- heck no. But I think you are really onto something! Very clever. It would be nice to be able to just grab something that you know will clean up AND not have to pay big bucks for big company logos. :highfive:

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