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Help...can I save this batch of 70/30?

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OK, first of all I want to be upfront about my own stupidity...in an effort to save effort I decided to use glue dots to secure my wicks instead of my trusty hot glue. Thinking this is a piece of cake, I used my new wick centering tool ta-boot...I was sooooo proud....until I poured my candles and every wick came loose leaving the dot in the jar. (I poured at 175 per GL 70/30 directions)

My question is can I salvage this batch by remelting at a low temp and re-using maybe as wickless? Will the dots melt into the wax and do something sinister or will they stay nicely on the bottom so I can remove them? I know I could test this myself but at this time I'm trying to resist throwing them through my kitchen window...arrggghhh :mad:

My other question is, why would a very large candle supply company (NOT GL) sell these as acceptable to secure wicks?

TIA from one tired Chandler!

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I've had similar problems with wick dots especially in containers with a slightly concave bottom. Each dot had to be pressed VERY firmly into place so it didn't come loose.

Using them as wickless containers would save the extra effort of getting the wax out & cleaning the jars etc & the wick dots shouldn't melt into the wax, they're supposed to withstand the high temperatures reached when the candle has burned right down.

Good luck.


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I use wick stickems too and I always take a wooden dowel and press along the edge of the whole thing (my hand doesn't always fit into the container) to make sure it's very secure. I have also found that if it's a new container, sometimes they have some sort of a coating on them, so I always wash mine first and that helps them stick better too. Don't know what to tell you about the glue dots. :(

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I haven't used glue dots, but I once tried hot glue gun, then switched to the stick'ems just cause it was easier. I have found that even with stick'ems you need to wash out the jars, or even heat them a little and wipe clean with a paper towel. I have had stick'ems come loose, or even not stick at all if I didn't wash out the jars.

The glue dots may still work if you wash a jar then try it again.

Good luck! geek

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