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Second Guessing the customer for big festivals

Fire and Ice

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I have a huge show coming up in early October and I have been spending some time going over my previous sales at shows this year to try and get a handle on what to pour large amounts of and what to just pour just a dozen or so of.

I know my customers are loving the PEAKS scents that I carry and I know I should concentrate on fall and Holidays scents. But some scents, ya just don't know which way the customer is going to go and that where I'm scratching my head.

Amish Harvest~ 4 cases(12 in each case)

Chocolate Brownie~ 5 cases The best selling scent I make!:)

Cranberry/Cinnamon~4 cases

Pumpkin Pie~3 cases

Blue Spruce Christmas~ 2 cases

Banana Nut Bread~ 3 cases

Apple Pie~ 3 cases

Peppermint~1 case

Blizzard~2 cases

Love Spell~3 cases-This always sell very well for me!

Hot coCoa~2 cases

Home for the Holidays~1 case

Sage Lemongrass~? Didn't sell well at one large show. Sold out at a small Steam show!(12 candles)

*Most of the florals*~? Some sell huge and some not at all but every show is different.

*Fruit Scents*

Strawberry/Kiwi~2 cases

Blueberry~1-1/2 cases

Mango Papaya~2 cases

Cherry Bomb~1-1/2 cases

Banana/Coconut~ 1-1/2 cases

Coconut~1 case

* Clean scents*

Fresh Linen~1 case- For some reason, this scent isn't selling well this year.

Thunder River-Cool Water~1 Case. This scent will debute at this show and though it could be a hit, it might also flop like Drakkar was.:undecided

And theses are just some of my scents Not near all of them!

Do any of you come to this fork in the road when a huge show is coming up?

Trying to get things done early so I can relax and train the new lady who will be giving me a hand in the booth. This show is too big to just handle it alone. I could go to the loo and miss a sale for a dozen candles. That happened last year:angry2: Never again.

How do you determine what get poured up to what levels for a Big show?

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