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Just Scent's new fragrances

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Becky sent samples of Christmas Wish and Pumpkin & Praline with my last order and I really like them both. I use KY para-soy tart/votive blend and only make tarts and clamshells. So, I can comment on the throw in those, but not container candles. The Christmas Wish smells like a yummy, little bit spicy sugar cookie mixed with a bit of pine. The Pumpkin & Praline smells like a nutty, spicy pumpkin!

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I've started testing a few of those...

The pumpkin and pralines smelled like most pumpkin spice FO's to me. I was hoping for a pumpkin without all the spice. It smells great and threw well for me, but not sure I will add it.

The Christmas Wish was a pain to blend. I was using 6% in paraffin (4630). This one is weird for me. It was a strong thrower...but it reminded me of Peak's Pink Sugar. Not just like pink sugar, but similar because while I was burning, I thought I kept smelling pink sugar and wondered where it was coming from...

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