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Ideal flame size

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I know there is a generally accepted time frame for getting a FMP and depth for the melt pool; is there a generally accepted "rule" for proper flame height? I have been doing alright with getting melt pools going in my tests but the flames have been well over 1" high and that seems too big. The flames are not jumping around a lot or producing a ton of soot though so maybe it is fine :undecided Just wanna check with you guys and see what your thoughts are.

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If you aren't getting any soot or a ton of "dancing" or your jar isn't too hot, I personally wouldn't worry too much - wicks like the LX do generally have a higher flame height to begin with. Since the flame will change as it gets further into the jar, what is a perfect size in one point of the jar may change to too small or large later on - you just have to watch that and adjust - either adjust your FO amount or the wick type or size.

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