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two business names...


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How do you handle 2 bus names i started candles have a name for that, then branched off to bb and have a name for that, if i ever open a storefront

how do i encorporate the two..

my thoughts are i would wanst both to be advertised(sign) because i dont want customers to think its just candles but bb too.

has anyone ever run into this...


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I had the same problem too, because my candle business name was strictly candles, so when I added b&b I came up with a new name for that side as well.

But, now that it's time to finally do my website, I've decided to change the name to something that covers both. It was a very hard decision, and even harder to come up with a new name, but I figured it was the easiest solution.

I didn't want to run and maintain 2 websites when I could just do one, and I wasn't sure how to advertise or what to do about a retail store either.

I eventually(many years down the road) would like to have a store front too, so this seemed like the logical thing to do, well definately easier.

Good Luck!


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I've been selling my painted glass alongside my paraffin wax candles for the last few years & called it Chiara Crafts. Now I'm doing soy candles, dropping the pw candles & painting less glass but am calling the business Chiara Candles & Crafts, that way it encompases all the light oriented things I do & leaves me room to include B&B in the future.


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Not only do I do candles, CP soap, B&B, and alittle MP, I also make home decor items and other craft items (for this fall I'm workin on checkbook covers, makeup & cosmetic bags, handbags, and wallets). So I have a name for my candles and stuff and the rest just fall under my actual company name - Sunshine Sundries & Gifts. My candle and soaps and such stay constant, but my crafty items change with what I feel like making and what is selling. Sometimes I get a great deal on fabric so I'll make pillows - other times I get a deal on lampshades so I'll decorate those... I've got beading stuff to make wine charms and candle jewlery... I just get bored easily and I suffer from insomnia so instead of just laying there, I get up and work for a few hours. People tell me I've got too much on my plate (I do all this with four kids and a hub with MS) but if I stopped keeping some variety, I think I'd go crazy... lol

Anyway - I just thought that I'd say that could be an option for you.

Life & Light!


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