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..I was asked by several people who know about me trying to open a shop if I am going to have a Home Fragrance Collection..and I have candles and melts..hmmm..now has me thinkin...darn them..

anyway..I now feel the need to come up with a line..since I have a Bath & Body Collection, Pampered Feet Collection, Little Monsters Collection, Candle Collections and Gift Basket Collections...

What do you all carry as far as home fragrance besides Candles?

I do room sprays..and played with carpet freshener a bit(which is a pain in the butt)

Have any of you tried scenting water softener pellets? Do they take color? hmmm..darn people.:P

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Here are a few things I can think of right now...

Reed Difusers

Smelly Jellies

Sachets (for drawers or closets)

Aroma Beads (can use in vaccum cleaner)

Votives (not a filled votive holder, like on your site)


Potpourri (I don't know how well or if it still sells)

Dipped Critters (air freshners)

Candle Holders

Floral Candle Rings

I don't know if you would consider all these items as a collection but they are all for the home.

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Good list.. I was thinking of the reed diffusers..and adding some candle dipper/snuffers and candle rings..not really wanting to get into votives/pillars right now..going to have way to much stuff to do as it is. :undecided

Was thinking the carpet freshener..and the sachets might be nice.. hmmm..got my wheels turning.:D

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