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1st batch of cpop


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its in the oven now. i have to leave it on for 2 hrs and in oven for 24. i think it riced when added fo. its scented pomagranet. i hope it turns out ok. will let you know this time tomorrow. thanks for all your help and if anyone has any simple soap recieps ya want to share will you pm them to me.

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skim through the recipes section - I know Darwin just posted a great one, and Eugenia and someone else too! Start with those and then play with soapcalc.com or whatever to adjust them to your taste (for example, some love the fluffy lather from coconut, it makes me itch; some find hard bars good while others like them soft and luxurious). Every oil contributes something different, and even if the numbers look the same the end results might not be.

I recommend you find a recipe that you like and then tweak it over time to make it one you love. That, and a love of FOs is where the addiction comes in. Oh and a love of colors and swirling. Ah, I guess the whole kit and kaboodle.

enjoy your addiction (and for future reference - make peace with ash - you'll know what I mean someday if you don't alread LOL).

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The "specs" are just guidelines. Not that mine are great, but I like them, and they aren't necessarily in spec. In fact I don't think any of mine are in spec for the Iodine value, but they are all plenty hard so I wouldn't worry about it. Soapcalc is addictive in its own right, and I promise you will want to get up at least 5 times tonight to try a new combo. My goals are to balance the bubbles - both types - in the 20's, and keep conditioning high and cleansing low. The rest can fall where it may! But these are for my own skin.

One I made today (haven't tried it out yet, obviously) is

32% olive oil

32% lard

15% coconut

17% avocado oil

4% castor oil

Hoping it's really conditioning from the avo oil, but won't really know till I try it out!

good luck!

I have 3 bars out with testers and hope to get responses early next week. The best of the bunch will become my new "benchmark" and I'll go from there!

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