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Comparing some F/o's? JS

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Ok, I need someone here to tell me.... if I bought Gingerberrie Wreath would I still need a Gingerbread scent? I have some die-heart Gingerbread customer's and I've read good reviews on the Gingerberrie Wreath so will I need to stock both? ALSO I found a WONDERFUL Apple, Jack & Peel at SOS, how does JS Christmas Splendor compare? Are they close in scent?



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Gingerberrie Wreath does not smell like Gingerbread. It smells good, but it's no substitute.

JS Christmas Splendor is nothing like AJP. It has some orange notes and different spices to it. It's very nice and you could carry both. Now, JS Christmas Splendor is sorta close to JS Cranberry Orange - and so I chose to keep the CO instead, since my customers buy that year round. CO has some spice in the background it sells really well at Christmas too. You may want to try a sample of each and see which you like better.

If you want a great gingerbread, I just got Tennessee's Warm Orange Gingerbread and it is amazing!

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