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cpop question


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did a search but couldn't find this. Iv been doing cpop in a log mold ad want to try a slab mold. With the log mold I preheat to 170 put soap in cook for 2 hours, turn over off and let sit overnight... Since a slab mold isn't as deep would I need to change anything? Would it process faster? TIA

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I do the same with my logs and slabs. In fact I do them at the same time! 170 for an hour, turn off the oven and leave overnight. The slab does gel quicker

Julia, not the same at all as you have half the cook time.

Dixiegal, try an hour. Two hours is a long time. Some just put it in the closed, unlit oven to gel.


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I do the 2 hours and then turn it off too. But if I am in a hurry and don't have time to wait for 2 hours to turn the oven off, I put it in the oven on 170 and as soon as I put it in, I turn the oven off. I still leave it in the over night.

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