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IGCA...need info please!

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Best I can tell you is that membership gives you a fairly thick supplier's list, membership list, a monthly newsletter that has tips in it on all phases of the craft and perks like conventions and gatherings to learn new things hands on.

We belong.

While it might add some credibility to your craft, the most credibility you're really going to get is through the performances of your product (IMO).

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I just arrived at the IGCA convention here in Oklahoma City.I think this is going to be FUN! I would not say that joining trade organizations give you more "credibility" but for me personally, I always get more out of most anything I become involved in than I would had I not joined. Just like anything else....you get out of something what you put into it.

EVERYTHING is about relationships......the more relationahips you form the better network you have. The better network you have, the larger list of mentors you have to chose from.(and the more people you can mentor to) .....the better your mentors, the faster your growth (in any area).

Not sure if that answered your question. Even if you do not get involved, it is not a bad idea to support organizations such as the IGCA. There is a lot to be said for "numbers" sometimes.

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I agree with the Texas Dean. We were members of IGCA for a good while until we got to busy to attend anything or even read the newletters. But...

it is a great organization full of great people willing to help you. Go to their conventions. No matter how long you have been a chandler or how experienced you think you are, you WILL come away humbled and excited. Join to perfect your craft and to meet lots of like souls.

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