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Repour prob?

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Since I've moved my candlemaking to another room with window AC, having probs with repours. So, I'm now doing 2 repours to make them smooth. Well last night I didn't do them, so did them this AM. As soon as I repoured the 2nd time, I had tiny bubble looking stuff all over the sides of the candle. I only repoured up to the prev. line. Could this be because I waited too long, wax too cold/hot or what? Also having prob with Vanilla candles after they sit for few wks, looks like "pit" marks on the side. I pour at 165, repour at 170. Too much oil 3/4 oz. IGI 4786 or are they from the sweat spots? Geez!:undecided

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If AC means air conditioning, it's quite likely that your moulds are too cold - bubbles tend to form when you don't tap the mould after you pour or they're too cold or both. Try heating it with a hairdryer or heat gun, or in the oven for a minutes before you pour and see if that helps. I'm not sure what this has to do with repours though!


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