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16 oz mason jars

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I was looking at Alabasters for plain 16 oz mason jars and the price was good. I was wondering if anyone had ordered these? I would like to know if the glass is a thick enough. Also They don't show shipping totals, so so they charge alot for shipping? I hate when companies don't compute shipping. TIA


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I haven't tried the 16-oz jars but I buy all my 8-oz jelly jars from Alabaster and they've always been fine. I like the choice of different lids, and their price is very good on the 8-oz, also. I've thought I found better prices sometimes, but in those cases it turned out that the lids were sold separate and I like that Albaster includes the lids in their price.

I agree--I like to have a shopping cart compute shipping, but since theirs doesn't, I've just called them for a shipping estimate and they've always been very helpful. Their shipping wasn't higher than others; evidently they just have a cart that doesn't compute it.

Let us know if you find out that their shipping charges are higher than normal, if you don't mind. Curiosity killed the cat and I'm probably in danger!!


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