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How they do this???

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I went to B&B works and I brought this gel that trys to a foam you spray it out and it comes out in your hand as a gel and trys into a foam in your hand.. It wasn't like when you use the foam pump because that comes out a foam but this was a gel and in your hand turns into a foam it's called Foam Burst I brought it for my girls but it's in the adult part does any know about this and how to make it I know it has to be the bottle But this is the first time I seen it. Thanks.

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oh i bought some of this a LONG time ago... its sort of like shaving gel right... I didnt think they made it any more... but maybe they brought it back

I have know idea if this could be made at home... I imagine like you said it has a lot to do with the bottle...

Hummm trip to the US in my future I think... this is really the only product I would buy now...

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It is freaking hard to find that stuff at ours - it usually makes brief and much-clamored-after appearances for a few limited days. I've wondered the same thing, but after studying the ingredient list, my conclusion is...lots and lots of chemicals and other unnatural stuff, which isn't interesting to me to replicate. So, that didn't help, but I just thought I'd throw in my $.02.

Also, I've been very happy with my rinky dinky foaming bottles that turn regular liquid soap into a nice lush foam - I use castile soap and dilute the heck out of it, use it to wash my boy, and it's awesome. He loves to play with it, and since there's only about an inch of actual soap in the bottle, it's not a bit wasteful.

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