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anyone soap with Aroma Haven's Flannel Sheets?


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Humm... if it were me doing it, I'd go for a white and pale washed out yellow color, maybe even use a striped layer or something equally hard that would just piss me off. I'd have to think about it. I hate using TD, but my oils give me a nice white color so it's generally not an issue with something like this.

Soap it girl! Some of my best batches are testing batches.

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TD = titanium dioxide

Grumpus - what oils are those? I'm sure you've told me but I'm too grumpy myself to go back and look!

I just stole a drawer from my 4-year old daughter's jewelry box - perfect for a 1-pounder if you ask me!

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Can you say ACCELERATION?!? I made a 1# batch with this, the FO at .7 oz ppo. Everything was at room temp (melted oils and made up lye sol'n last night). Didn't use my SB, only the whisk and a spoon. Added FO once oils and lye were well blended with whisk.

Took MAX 5 minutes to get to very light trace, at which point I pulled out my half-cup to swirl, dripped in the color and stirred with a fork. In the 1 minute that took the base went to light-medium trace.

I poured the base into my box, poured the swirl in from WAY up high (new technique, fingers crossed), swirled with the handle of a teaspoon, and stuck it into the fridge. (should I have covered it? I didn't)

Whole thing took max 8 minutes?

But will admit my oils are supposedly fast-tracing ones.

Gotta go look at apartments now. Be back later to check it out!

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I was sooooo bummed that the FO turned the batch yellowish, cause my beautiful blue ended up green.

Or so I thought....

A few days later it's morphing back to blue! And the soap is getting slightly whiter. Go figure.

The scent is mild, but that's ok with me - nice and soft.

Can't wait to see what happens in a few MORE days.

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I am trying different ways. I have diffiuclty if I try to just insulate, oven's not working either (I can fine tune both, not done trying) - so I thought I would try something new and chill it to prevent the gel. Trying new things!

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