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Don't know what I was thinking.....

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I placed an order for a sample container from At Wix End today and while I was browsing I ordered 3lbs of the Homegrown Soy (Pillar Blend). I am so curious to try soy I couldn't help myself. I have no clue what to do with soy when I get it. I have read some posts that you pour it when it is slushy. I ordered it to try and make some wax melts in clamshells with. I have some small amounts of FO's leftover and thought I could test the wax with them.

Couple of questions:

1. Can I even use this for the clamshells?

2. I have never heard of Homegrown soy. I always read here about the Ecosoya, so what's the difference?

I feel kind of dumb at this point :shocked2: , but it was only 1.49 per lb, so I didn't spend a bunch. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

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I don't know anything about that particular blend. Is it a veggie blend? I have used soy for clamshells and melts when there is some left over. If it is a pillar blend it is most likely going to be hard enough but as far as the slushy pour part...it depends on the blend. My soy pillars blends are poured hotter. So...in other words....I don't know :)

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This is our pillar blend soy wax. We tested many different types of soy waxes and we believe this is the best available. A natural soybean wax, made in the USA with domestically grown crops. Because this is a natural wax product, The crude soybean oil may be different color from batch to batch. Therefore our wax which is the finished product of the oil may vary in color from time to time. This is normal with a natural wax product. The color has no effect on the quality or burn factor of the wax.

This is what it says about it on the site. I copied it. Hope this helps.

They say that all orders will come with complete instructions, so I guess I will find out that way. I thought since it was a pillar wax I could use it for tarts.

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There are many different soys out there. If it is a pillar blend, then yes it should be ok for tarts. Normally pillar and votive blends are poured hot, about 160-165. A lot of the container blends you pour slushy, to get the best results, but some you can also pour hot with good results. Good luck, hope your tarts come out great!

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