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Mottling Wax

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Got the wax coming but before I pour? I just wanted to make sure FO does not stop the mottle effect. And if the wax I am buying says it's for mottling then should I still add steric? (Mottling Wax for Pillar/Votive Candles - 4045H)

Thanks and I ordered Vybar 343 & Palm TP Stearic - A-25 just in case I need it. Hope I bought the right thing. TIA

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You did fine. You will love the 4045H...it's mard to NOT make it mottle if you want it too, lol.

You'll just have to play around with the stearic and decide if you prefer it or not, and why. I use it to help firm up the candle a bit and reduce bulging with my prefered wick size. Someone else may prefer a smaller wick with less or no stearic. Someone else may prefer more, etc. Good luck :)

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