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Ok so I finally tried out my fizzy foot bomb recipe, and for a brief moment, they held the melon ball shape I worked so hard to form, about 5 minutes later they looked like a cookie. I'm in search of a reason as to why this happened? I don't think I put to much aqua in the mix, but they just expaned and flated out. They hardened up over night, and I tried one out. It fizzed just fine but their not pretty:( any help or comments would be grately appreciated TIA

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Sorry to say it, but likely too much liquid. If not too much water, then perhaps too much oil? BTW, the description of "wet sand" is too wet. It shouldn't even be as damp as brown sugar IMHO.

If you want to share your recipe I might be able to help more. I get mine to come out at least 3 of 4 batches now.... And haven't made cookies since my first disaster with too much oil (ewwww). If you don't want to post(and many don't - it's ok) it you can always pm me.

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I don't remember what all I put in it, I'm at my moms house right now so I don't have the exact recipe, but it was b soda, citric acid, sea salt and ess. oils I think???? I didn't use any liquids except water to mist it, but I followed the "WET" sand advice, so your right maybe it was just to wet they didn't fizz though they just got big and flat!

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Actually if you put your ear to them as they were "drying" you might even have been able to hear them very quietly fizz away. At least they still fizz - so kids will like them. My kids are the cleanest in town since I started saving my disasters for them!

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Try this one..I copied and pasted it from the old board. I use this recipe and tweeked it a bit.

This is a recipe I got off another board and I'd like to give credit to it's creator, Rita. The title of the post in which this recipe was found was "Rita's Rockhard Bathbombs". I have made some tweaks here and there to my taste, but here is Rita's basic recipe..

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup cornstarch

1/2 cup salt (fine sea or Epsom salts)

1/2 cup Citric Acid

2 tbls Sweet Almond oil (or other light oil of choice)

15 drops of EO or FO

6 tsps of witch Hazel or alcohol

liquid color

Sift together Baking soda, salt and cornstarch.

In separate glass mix oil, fo/eo and colorant.

Add oils to dry ingredients and stir thoroughly

Add citric acid and mix thoroughly

Add witch hazel or alcohol to mixture and mix VERY quickly and thoroughly as to not activate the citric acid. Should be the consistency of wet sand at this point.

Pack tightly into mold of choice.

Remove from mold and let air dry for 24 hrs.

Store in airtight container until ready to use or package.

I've found it most helpful to have a spray bottle filled with alcohol readily available so that I can mist the mixture as needed.

Also, be sure to place drying bombs in as dry an environment as possible. The citric acid will react to air humidity and can cause puffy bombs!!

I tweeked it by using a very fine salt, using sunflower oil, and also do not use alcohol use witch hazel..I subbed alcohol and mine cracked a bit. I also use more FO than that..I double the recipe and use 6 ML of FO for the double batch..plus I make sure I sift the ingredients well. ..and add one TABLESPOON at a time of the Witch hazel..and stir like mad..so it does not fizz to much..I never need to add more than the 2 TBS per single batch or 4 per double batch. I also color my SALTS before adding them to the mix..I tried adding it to the oils and it did not work very well.

Also work on molding them as quickly as possible so they don't dry out and you wont have to add more witch hazel.

Definately sounds like they are to wet.

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My recommendations would be:

-don't double your batch till you got it just right, the amount of liquid you end up needing depends on how long it takes you to make your bombs and you don't need that added variable quite yet!

-use half WH - half alcohol

-mix about some of the alcohol with the oil, FO, and color in a small jar, shake well, and dump into the powders whisking like mad. (you can color the salts first, doesn't matter, just another step though)

-sieve the damp mixture

-if necessary mist in alcohol &/or WH till you are ever so slightly damp and whisk whisk whisk. mist with only a half-spritz at a time. till you get it down pat!

Somewhere recently I posted the recipe I usually use - don't have it with me now.

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