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2 MP questions


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MP does not need to cure. You could use and or sell it immediately after cutting it if you want.

You can shrink wrap MP soap.

Some people have trouble with MP soap sweating. I believe that allowing it to sit and air out can sometimes help this. I never have that problem, but I live in a relatively low humidity area, and I think that can be the biggest contributing factor where sweating is concerned.

I like to leave my soaps unwrapped, but it's okay to wrap them too. HTH

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MP is just fine to use quickly, and yes you can shrink wrap it. However, your shrink wrap may wrinkle over time becasue MP has a tendency to shrink a bit. One bit of advise, try to wrap your soaps right after you unmold them. If you cannot wrap them quickly, then just keep them in the mold until you are ready.

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