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Lotion Bars

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Generally to start you want

1/3 wax (beeswax usually)

1/3 butters

1/3 oils

But there are a million ways to do that. I suggest you do some searches here and on the web and see what appeals to you. Then make a few. Pick the one you like best and tweak it till it works out the way you like it.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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I would suggest that you do a search and find a recipe that you can try. Once you've tried a recipe, then you can work on tweaking it. If you have problemss, than you might be able to find the answer doing a search, if not, folks here can probably help you out. There is so much information on this site and the archives that I bet you can find what you looking for. ;)Good luck. :)

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