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Presto Pot

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I am interested in purchasing a Presto Pot, so off I went to Target, then Wal-Mart, and couldn't find the right kind - I'm looking for the one with the spout on it. Can someone tell me where they purchased theirs, or give me a model number? TIA!

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You should be looking for the Kitchen Kettle made by Presto, aka the Presto Pot.


You can find this in WalMart for about $20, if I'm not mistaken.

It isn't sold with the spout. Instructions for installing the spout are found here:


Whether to have the spout or not is a matter of preference though.

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It seems to me that it kinda makes sense just to buy 'em online. I made my pot myself...it cost 20 for the kettle, 10 for the parts, and I had to find a friend who had a drill bit large enough. I checked on ebay a sec ago and could get one for 39 + shipping. That's how I'll do it in the future...its worth the extra 20 to make sure its done right -- one false move and all you've got is a pot with a hole in it!!!

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