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Millcreek bases?


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Does 4 ounces of lotion and 10-15 drops of body safe frag. sound about right? Also 4 ounces of linen spray 40 (using the pipettes) drops of frag? Does that sound about right? I lost my notes. Thanks

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i was told by kathy the lotion, shampoo, conditioner, will hold up to 60 drops per 8oz. anything higher will upset the ph.

as for me and it depends on the strength of the fo.

2oz- 10-15 drops

4oz-15-30 drops

8oz-30-60 drops

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Thank God we have Carol (our "in" at MC ;)). BTW their EXTREME VANILLA is OOTW, have you tried it Carol??

I use the higher end of Carol's list and haven't had any problems. I like it strong and haven't had any problems, AND I do agree it does depend on the FO you use, it takes less of some to achieve a good strong scent.

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