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Smelly Jelly Jars

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Thank you. Is the crystal stuff the same stuff you can use for weddings that you just add water to and then it 'puffs' up and you can put a candle on the top? Can you use liquid candle dye? It says bath and body liquid dye....this a great idea for airfreshners in bathrooms and under kitchen sinks.

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To my understanding you can not use candle dye as it is oil based. Smelly Jelly's are a water based item and the B&B color is also. I haven't tried but I think I saw somewhere that if you use candle dye it just sits in gobs. I could be wrong but that is just what I remember reading.

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Those jars are really cheap at the supermarket...and Wal-Mart has them too.

Use food coloring, not candle dyes.

Use a pinch of salt to each batch as a preservative.

Use distilled water..also cheapest at Wal-Mart.

www.crystals.us I think invented the stuff, and you can get ideas and good info about the gardeners water crystals vs. the smelly jelly crystals...worth the read.

Good luck to you.

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