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I walked through Hobby Lobby...

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Ok I went walking through hobby lobby, and so now here I am. I have always wanted to make my own candles, and seeing the materials there, well needless to say I am getting into it!

But I have some general questions, I have been brainstorming some ideas for candles I want. I am not a big fan of the general candles. One that I want to do would involve the use of gel wax over a small accent amount of normal wax, I was curius if this was possible!

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Welcome......You might want to read some of the tutorials and helpful hints for newbies - they are very helpful....And there is a search function on the board.....you may find lots of your questions answered there....if not, feel free to post them!

Yes it is certainly possible to use regular parafin and gel....there is a gel section here and if you have questions regarding the gel that would be the place to ask.....Your fo neds to be gel safe even in a mixture of waxes...

But again, Welcome!!


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I just picked up a kit from hobby lobby so I can learn how to do this, thanks for the friendly welcome!

And the idea I had that prompted this question... A martini glass container, chocolate colored parafin wax drizzled ont he bottom, and clear gel filled up over that and *POOF* The chocolate Martini Candle perfect for lighting your wet bar (every house has one here in louisiana!)

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