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Beginner here, tips or web sites with basic knowledge?


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Hi, :)

I am new to the bath and body world. I make natural wax candles, lotion sticks, and soy whip body cream. I want to make my own bath bombs, lotion, sugar scrub, foot cream, and a few other items. I want to learn how to do this from scratch. Where do I begin to gather info? Is there a web site that helped you that you could share the link? I want to learn about butters/oils/percentages of what and how and why. I don't even know a thing about perservatives - do I have to add them? If so, which one? And what is petro and why should we avoid it? Or, should we avoid it? I see 'petro-free' a lot...so I wonder.

Sorry for all the questions - I want to research all of this and learn...and I have read a lot but I am not coming up with much.

Thank You. :)

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This is as good a place to start as any. You might want to join www.soapdishforum.com.

There are different types of perservatives for the differnent types of products (oil/water/or both). It's water that opens the door to bacteria. Even if you have a water free product, like a scrub, a wet hand might reach into the jar, introducing water so most of us play it safe.


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