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Can you use the same Micas...

Steph in tx

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as the ones you can use in lip balms? I have some somewhere...and I want to soap some Leather and Lace. I know that the Lace will turn brown, has anyone soaped leather??

I have some micas for lip balms from BCN, but I've never tried them in lip balm yet...(I've had these for a couple of years!) Can you see that I procrastonate? (sp)..


Steph in tx

Wick Centering Tool Co.

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I knew that, that's why I was asking about lip safe mica's for soaps. I've had some for a while to use with the lip base, just not into making lip gloss stuff. Only made few for my dd a couple of years ago. I keep these away from the other mica's. I just wasn't sure if I could use for my soap.

Thanks for keeping me in line tho... Maybe this will be good info for others too!

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