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My soap is stinky

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I tried my hand at CP last night, and ended up with soap on a stick because I did not expect it to trace as soon as my stick blender hit the mix. So I hammered it into my mold and let it sit overnight. It did not gel, and I rebatched today. I should have taken pictures but I was being super lazy.

Anyway, my recipe was 25% coconut oil, 30% olive oil, and 45% liquid veg shortening. I added 2.4 oz of shea for my superfatting at trace. And a tablespoon of honey. It was a 3 pound batch.

But....my soap sticks, I cant get past the way it smells. Ever after my rebatch to which I added milk to and microwaved it, then added some Pikaki, it still has a funky aroma to it. Maybe its just me...but have you ever experienced this?

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My goat milk, oatmeal and honey stunk bad for a few days but now it smells great, they say the milk curtling makes it smell and I thought I would have to throw it out it smelled so bad but now it has a sweet smell to it, you may try letting it cure for a week and then it may smell better, but I am new to soap making, that was just my experience with my batch

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