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Help with emailing a font to my webmaster


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Hi guys

I am not a computer person and I need a little help. I use the fonts

Clowningway and Campbell for all of my labels, brochures, etc. and I would like for it to be on my site, but my webmaster does not have this font. I have tried going into my font folder and emailing it to her, but I do not know how to do it. It's not an easy copy/paste type of thing. Is it possible for anyone here to help me figure this out. . . . OR. . . . if they have these fonts to email it to her for me?????:D PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Thank You-More Than You know.

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OK, apparently you know where to find the font so I won't go into that. Assuming you're using Windows:

  • Find the font you want to email
  • RIGHT click and HOLD on the font
  • Drag it to your desktop and release
  • Select "Copy here"
  • Start a new email
  • Drag the font file that you created on your desktop into your email
  • Send email

This works in Windows XP and Outlook. If you are using an older version or if you are using a Mac, I don't know if this will work.

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Did I say THANK YOU, yet?

I had to do it a little different, but I think it worked. I have to wait and see when she emails me back.

I right clicked and dragged the font to the desktop, but there was nothing the said COPY HERE, but it did ask me if I was sure I wanted to do that and I said yes. Which took the font from the windows font folder an moved it to the desktop. So, when I moved it back, a copy stayed on the desktop and I put it in the email. So, I had to take a detour, but ended at the same place.



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