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Hi. I am new here and am trying to get some idea's on making shower gel. Can anyone tell me a good site to by shower gel bases that are all natural? I have looked at a couple of sites, but it seems to me like they are not all natural. Also, do you need to add a preservative to the bases? Or is it better to just make the gel myself? I'm a little overwhelmed now that I have done some reading here.


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Hi and welcome to the boards!

Not sure exactly what you are looking for in a shower gel when you say natural. But if you bought a base, it's going to have preservative in it because shower gel is water based, and can grow yeast, mold, and/or bacteria without them. Even if you made one at home you would more than likely need one.

While I've never made one, I remember a recipe for one here: http://www.naturesgardencandles.com/mas_assets/ngc/www/import/bath-recipes.htm

Can't hurt to try huh?! Good luck and have fun!

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